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Computing at Acre Hall is taught using the Kapow Primary computing condensed curriculum. Kapow Primary provides complete coverage of the Computing curriculum for both KS1 and KS2. Covering the Information technology, Digital literacy and Computer science strands from the national curriculum guidance. The Kapow condensed curriculum uses National curriculum coverage in just 18 lessons, balancing the five key areas. This allows teachers more flexibility when delivering Computing lessons.

Online Safety units are then taught in addition with the topics being interchangeable throughout the academic year group. We offer a dedicated unit for each year group, ensuring age-appropriate content and skill development, aligned with DfE guidance. It empowers teachers to tackle digital challenges confidently while emphasising interactive, hands-on learning for safe and responsible online navigation

The use of our digital technology in the classroom has revolutionised the way children are taught. This technology engages, motivates and inspire pupils’ learning. As the world becomes increasingly rich with technology, at Acre Hall, we will teach the pupils to create programs, films, music and a range of other content, whilst encouraging them to express themselves and develop their own ideas using the latest apps.

Children will also be learning simple processing skills through topic based learning. This might include research, word processing and presentations.

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