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At Acre Hall Primary School, we acknowledge the need for developing STEM capabilities in our children. However, we also recognise the importance of the arts, humanities,health and language. In many ways the most important checks on science,technology, engineering and maths come from other disciplines. They come from asking questions like “Is this really necessary?” or “What are the effects on our environment of doing this?” We aim to encourage and nurture flexible and adventurous thinking but not lose sight of our connection with each other and our beautiful planet.

Our school values a topic based learning approach. Throughout the year and through their curriculum, our children are provided with opportunities to communicate and collaborate with others in inquiry, investigation, and design processes,require creative and critical thinking. Involving children in topic based learning allows them to apply and transfer existing skills and knowledge learned from all curriculum area (including STEM), to meaningful contexts and challenges, thus encouraging their personal deep responses to approach and solve real world problems. Our goal is to create successful citizens in a twenty-first century society.

Life at Acre Hall is about preparing children for the future. Indeed, it is

“Learning For Life”.

Proud to part of the Bright Futures Education Trust
Acre Hall Primary School
Irlam Road, Flixton
Manchester M41 6NA