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Music at Acre Hall

My name is Mrs August and I am the subject leader for music at Acre Hall Primary School. The music lessons at Acre Hall are mostly practical in nature following the National Curriculum. We have a variety of untuned percussion instruments – drums, tambourines, woodblocks, shakers, triangles etc. which are used to help instil a feeling of beat and teach techniques such as playing and composing rhythms. We also have tuned instruments ranging from glockenspiels, Boomwhackers to keyboards. These help pupils to appreciate changes in pitch and use traditional notation to read and compose simple melodies.

In lessons pupils are encouraged to play the instruments creatively, for example exploring differences in sounds to support narrative or images e.g. a scene in space. Lessons are often linked into class topics to add an extra dimension to their learning. We often listen to a piece of music and explore through discussion how the music tells a story or implies a feeling. We will discuss how the instruments have been used to achieve this.

At Acre Hall we sing regularly both in lessons and in a weekly singing assembly. We also have regular school productions in both KS1 and KS2. Pupils are given regular opportunities to perform in class and at outside events. We take part in the Young Voices singing event at the Manchester Arena and take groups out to sing in the community.

We also offer instrumental lessons with visiting teachers from Trafford Music Service.

Most importantly the music lessons at Acre Hall are fun and inclusive regardless of ability. @AHMrsAugust

Music Lessons

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