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Religious Education

At Acre Hall Primary School we follow the agreed Trafford SACRE curriculum. We have chosen to teach R.E as a standalone subject, as it is very difficult to cover all aspects of R.E as part of our Creative Curriculum.

As children move through the school they are taught about what people of different faiths and agnostics and atheists believe. They are encouraged to ask questions about how we choose to live our lives, to think about right and wrong and how we care for others and the world we live in. They are encouraged to respect the beliefs of others, even if they do not share their beliefs.

We aim for our children to be well informed about the different religions in the world, to think deeply about the beliefs people hold and to make up their own minds about what they believe.

We aim to teach R.E through lots of practical lessons, discussion and art as much as possible.

The R.E subjects covered by each class each term are listed in the school’s long term plan. This may be subject to some changes to allow teachers to fit R.E into their Creative Curriculum or to teach Religious celebrations throughout the year.

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